Learning Media

Two very important element in learning activities is the precision in the use of teaching methods and learning media. Selection one particular teaching method will affect the types of learning media used.

Although there are many other aspects that must be considered in selecting the media, including learning objectives, types of tasks and the expected response control students after learning progress, and learning contexts, including student characteristics. However, it can be said that one of the main functions is to study media as a teaching tool that also affect the climate, conditions, and the learning environment organized and created by teachers.
Teachers as facilitators in the learning activities should be able to create or use existing media in an effort to achieve the learning objectives have been determined. That teachers have a picture and the basics of using the media of learning, here I provide files that contain about all things related to learning media.
On this page are presented FILA-files in various types, for example: PowerPoint, PDF, JPG / GIF, BMP, Flash, which can be downloaded by anyone in need.

These files are grouped in various categories for example: Education and Learning, Evaluation, Medi Learning, Evaluation, Government policy, and so forth.

We hope these files can help teachers MTs in the Ministry of Religious Affairs Tegal regency.


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