8 Tips to Manage Discipline Class

Discipline and classroom management when teaching and learning process is an essential component to effective learning. Discipline and classroom management must not only be learned by every teacher, but also should be practiced every day. Here are some tips that may help teachers to discipline and manage the classroom, so that interruptions and distractions in the learning process becomes more reduced.
1.  A milestone on the first day of class
Do our teachers, that in the early learning in the new school year or the beginning of the semester we often miss something very important? Yes, teachers often forget that the actual beginning of the new school year and the beginning of a new semester on the first day we entered the classroom is a milestone in the early application of discipline by making an initial agreement about the rules in the classroom or our subjects. So your order and discipline of a mutually agreed upon between teachers and students.

2. Justice It is very important
Students are very capable of feeling the existence of a justice or injustice. Therefore, teachers must always be fair to all students without exception. If teachers do not treat children equally with each other, then the teacher will be stamped as teacher favoritism. As a result students will not follow the rules that teachers make. Assure that students make mistakes when terbaikpun will get the same consequences as other students.

3.  Soon as Maybe Handle Disorders
When teachers experience disruption in the classroom when the learning process is underway, is very good if the teacher immediately handle while still in the stage light. Certain techniques can be used so that learning can continue to run. For example, teachers can while still presenting a material, walking toward the noise source (the student) and then use certain cues to their interference, which caused it to stop. Teachers can also provide questions to the students whose behavior is not in accordance with the learning activities so that he returned to focus on ongoing learning.

4.  Tips to Avoid Confrontation In Front of Students
One time could have been a confrontation between the teacher with one student in the classroom because students have been doing something that is violating the norms of decency and discipline or to make a “teacher who is also human” being “angry”. If this happens, do not confront the teacher in front of other students. Although other students may be able to understand the teachers, but students who are confronted with these teachers will lose face and be a loser in front of his friends. Thus, teachers may lose the opportunity to teach students about the discipline was good, norms of politeness, even subject matter. The best way is to call a time out of hours learning to speak from heart to heart with these students.

5. Stop Impaired Little Humor
Sometimes there is need for every person in the class can laugh freely. For this, teachers can use humor-homor are still relevant to learning. Unfortunately, the use of humor in learning, teachers often can not distinguish which of humor and really where the words are sarcasm (sarcasm that could offend) and leads to the bullying. Unfortunately, the reality is that many teachers who often make jokes with students as a joke. Be careful, something that teachers and other students may be considered funny harassment meaningful for the students who made a joke.

6.  Give Confidence In Students
Expect that students will be disciplined and understand the rules in the learning of teachers. And I assure you of that. Belief that they are able to learn well will shine through nonverbal communication with the teachers themselves, that students remain “on the track”, remain in a learning situation. In addition, the show is also the belief that the use of verbal communication (words) such as: “I am sure, today we can learn well. Therefore, if there are things to be discussed, expressed only by first lifting the hands. “Or” I hope everyone had to work within their respective group. You are welcome to discuss within their respective groups, with a voice that does not interfere with other groups who also is discussing or working. ”

7. Mature Learning Plan
Review the lesson plan that will again encouraged. It takes deep thought that learning will not be terstagnasi (loss). Terstagnasinya a learning because of the gaps in each segment of learning can lead students lost focus of learning activities. Consider careful how the transition from a segment of learning activities with segments of other learning activities.

8.  Always Consistent
If we decide a case or promising a thing to the students, konsistenlah to implement. For example, if the teacher has promised next week will hold a test, then how busy teachers, replication must still be held. If teachers promised to conduct lab work, the teachers must be consistent to do so. Teachers who easily cancel an appointment or violating an agreement he made in class together with students will not be appreciated both by the students. There was no respect for the teachers of this kind.


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