Science Teacher should be Knowledgeable SETS

A science teacher, in addition to the professional must also have insight SETS. Insight SETS (Science, Environment, Technology and Society). This has been stated by Prof.. Dr. Binadja Ahmad, in a workshop and training of science teachers at the provincial level Semarang Central Java.
Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Earth and Space Sciences) at the School was developed with reference to the development of Science dedicated to educating students to be able to develop and experimental observations and consistent thinking.

This is realized by observing that science objectives, understand, and utilize natural phenomena involving the substance (matter) and energy. Powers of observation and experiment with more emphasis on thinking skills that include experimental governance experiment with familiar tools used in measuring both in the laboratory and in nature around the lives of students. With the success of learning science, students will have the powers of observation and analysis of problems with both.

Learning will be more meaningful if students experience and a student life experience, and students know the benefits of what is learned to life. SETS oriented learning materials is a matter of linking learning science concepts learned with technology that can be created and the effects of technology on the environment and society. Interconnection of components in the SETS will make students think broadly about the concept of science. SETS components are Science, Environment, Technology, Society is in the Indonesian language can be abbreviated SaLingTeMas (Science, Environment, Technology, and Society) (Binadja 2000:10).

The main objective of SETS oriented science learning is how to SETS can help people use science as a productive concept in the creation of technology, and minimize negative impacts on the environment and society. Thus the presence of learning can produce insightful SETS friendly technology to the environment and society. (Binadja 2000:5).

SETS insightful learning material, which is well understood to produce human resources that not only has knowledge of physics concepts, but will have the ability to understand and apply the knowledge they have learned, as well as analyze and synthesize new knowledge based on knowledge that has studied, with a direction that does not have to damage the environment while still useful for the community.
Physics oriented learning characteristics should be displayed for SETS science concepts being taught not only introduced the concept of pure science but it is associated with other elements of the SETS. (Binadja 2000:5-6). With a vision of learning physics SETS expected to produce graduates who have the ability to reason, creativity and higher productivity than those who have no vision of learning SETS

SETS approach is the concept of learning that help teachers relate the material taught with real-world situations of students and encourage students to make connections between the knowledge possessed by its application in their lives as family members and the community. Learning process took place naturally in the form of activities and student work experience, not a transfer of knowledge from teacher to student. The learning process is more overlooked than the mastery of his science. SETS approach has seven main components, namely: constructivism (constructivism), find (Inquiry), ask (Questioning) community learning (Learning Community), modeling (Modeling), reflection (Reflection) and the actual assessment (Authentic Assessment).
Physics teaching materials is insightful SETS learning materials that can lead to motivation to study, because students know the benefits of the physics concepts learned to the creation of a technology. Students will also learn to feel worthy, because the vision of teaching materials SETS Physics students will understand the impact, positive or negative impact from the application of technology to the environment and society.

According to Bruner (Toeti 1997:24) individuals will learn best if teaching materials interesting and presented in interesting ways. Science teaching materials oriented learning materials SETS is very interesting, because students will understand the concept of science as a whole include technology that can be created based on the science concepts and their impacts on the environment and society. Further according to Ausubel (Dahar 1989:110), learning can be classified into two dimensions. The first dimension: related to the way material is presented on student learning through the acceptance and discovery. The second dimension: about how students can increase the information on cognitive structures that already exist.



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