Disadvantages of Learning Online

The disadvantages primarily deal with the fact that all the learning activities are conducted over the Net and therefore it lacks face-to-face communication and social interaction.

The online education tries to compensate it through chat rooms, message boards, e-mail, etc, but certain people do not feel comfortable if they do not have a ‘real person’ by their side.
Also, online degree programs are found not suitable for those who would like to get more from the college than just studying. Many people feel that being at college has more to do with partying, pretty girls and boys and having fan and the online education surely lacks the ‘campus atmosphere’.
On the other hand, students need to be self-disciplined and to plan their time well and fit the learning obligations into their daily schedules. Students are independent, and this often includes the work on their assignments, homework etc. and some may feel that they would need more guidance by the faculty.


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