Paypal Download Manager – Powerful Script

Paypal Download Manager (PDM) is an extensive and powerful script to run your own website is completely automated in terms of product delivery. This allows you to sell digital goods and offer instant downloads to your customers.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

You simply use the control panel to add products and they soon will appear on your main page with links for purchase. Paypal Download Manager allows you to sell products individually or activate the shopping cart option, which allows visitors to add multiple products to their basket and make a single payment. After they make payment, it will automatically send you an email link to download directly from their purchase. The whole system is fully automatic and you do not have to lift a finger. This is the fastest way to sell goods such as ebooks and software on the internet!

Paypal Download Manager will secure your files, direct download links in emails and fully automate your business. The control panel lets you control every little detail of the system. Paypal Download Manager will generate a consistent revenue stream for you! I personally use Paypal Download Manager and have seen hundreds of my customers started to generate $ 1,000 + per month just by selling products from their site. It only takes 2 minutes to add new products to sell on your website.


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