MTsN Slawi Get Ready UN 2010

Broadly speaking, ways of being national exams are starting from the preparation itself, the technical preparation, exam preparation materials, and at the time of examination.

1. Self Preparation
First, preparation is the preparation of self-initiated from within ourselves, which includes the physical preparation and mental preparation. Physical preparation associated with the preparation of physical and medical preparations. You have to maintain good health before the exam. Can not imagine how difficult it is to take the test if someone is sick. In order to keep yourself physically fit before the exam, you must be diligent exercise. Try regular breaks and do not sleep too late.

MTsN Slawi in preparing students to succeed UN 2010 include: providing guidance extra hard through various exercises in tutoring activities in the afternoon, try out the UN subjects and tasks to be completed students in the form of job home. Les activities carried out since the beginning of the semester, allowing teachers to monitor the difficulties students face national examination in the future.

Second, mental preparation, which is associated with the preparation of mental attitude, psychological and emotional. Strive for personal situations, especially emotional attitudes remain stable. Experienced conflict within ourselves, disappointment situation (frustration, sadness and atmosphere, etc.) will have a bad impact on your learning outcomes. Should diperhatikan is that all students should be guarded mood / emotions in the learning activities. It is expected that students of emotion remained calm and stable before the exam. Before the test, students were asked to be able to overcome those things will probably distract learning. In order for the mind is not divided and remain focused on exams, perbanyaklah do worship, because worship is one attempt to get peace.

To train students mentally, MTsN Slawi conducted a mandatory program must be students, namely: Duha prayer and prayer in congregation Dzuhur every day at school. By the test was also carried out istighosah for a week, followed by all citizens of MTsN Slawi.

2. Technical Preparation
The preparation of technical preparations relating to the provision of equipment to be used in later tests, such as pen, eraser ruler, pencil, and pencil sharpener. Equipment that should be prepared H-1 before the test. You will not be passed if it turns out to be 2B pencil you used was counterfeit, because the process of checking the test results using computer technology. Before the test, make sure that the 2B pencil used is genuine. In addition, prior to the exam you should check the test location and seating.

3. Test Preparation Materials
Test preparation materials is a very important preparation for this test preparation material will determine your graduation. Test preparation materials should be done early (well in advance before the exam). According to some experts research, learning contract was not good and it only took futility. Thus, H-1 is recommended before your exam no longer allowed to study memforsir themselves. Rest, relax and release tension.

Expand practice answering questions with friends. Here’s how: Take your friends to form small groups as the study group. Participants no more than 3 people. If participants are too many (more than 3 people), worry about the process of learning to be not focusing on material that will be studied.

In The Exam
There are 10 things that must be considered at the time of examination, namely:
1. Make sure that you do not forget to bring the card examinees.
2. Make sure that you are not late to the exam location.
3. Make sure that you do not forget to bring the test equipment, such as pens, pencils 2B, ruler, eraser, or mat board.
4. Make sure that you do not violate the test order. You can be removed from the exam room if the violation.
5. Make sure that all your identity is written correctly and completely on the answer sheet.
6. Do matter in peace.
7. Focus your mind to always concentrate on answering the questions.
8. Start all the work by praying to Allah SWT.
9. Dahulukan solve problems that are considered easy, then you are trying to solve a difficult problem or who had hesitated to answer.
10. 15 minutes before the time the test ends are finished you should complete the exam, so you have time to re-correct the identity (name and number of exams), and answer your questions.


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