Boediono, Local Culture for School

Jakarta, NTT Online – Vice President (VP) Boediono gives the suggestion that local culture into the school activities. Thus cultural instruments that make up the positive traits can be introduced since childhood.
This Boediono said when opening the National Boy puppeteer Festival 2009. “Forward the early introduction of local culture, may be part of intrakurikuler or extracurricular,” said Boediono.

Local cultural activities, the proposal Boediono, does not need to be done every day or every week. “Once a month enough. But there were efforts to introduce the local culture from an early age,” he said.

Boediono later recalled his childhood in Blitar, East Java. At that time, each child has an idol of their respective characters. “Usually a small child and it pleased the character. These then formed the character of the idol,” said economist this Gajah Mada University.

Furthermore, Boediono also supports funding assistance provided for cultural activities. One was the proposed establishment and Culture Company Social Responsibility (CSR), and not just a Company Social Responsibility. “Though I do not really need to add C (Culture) in CSR,” said Boediono.

This grant, according to Boediono, is important to pass on cultural aspects. These funds also need to be managed well and on target.

“This must be done to support a culture that is not commercial, but should be continued and preserved,” he said.


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