Being a Constructive teacher

In addition to educate, teacher assignment essence is not merely teaching, but to find ways & learning situation for students, because the essence of education is not filling an empty bucket with water, but lighting a fire.

Loved teaching profession, is one of hundreds or even thousands of job choice, which is now getting serious attention from the government of SBY. Spiritually, those who are happy to educate, train and make others successful is the man who loves his own life. Human beings like this are not only great, but so great?.
Build a generation is not as easy compared to building made by an engineer or a doctor to treat his patients. Build a generation that shape the future of society kharakter and this universe, now. And create a better generation is the only solution of any kind of problems facing our society today.
Our society needs gentle mind to work in peace, pleasing to all people, and able to protect and serve others. Perhaps it is still considered a dream, now, because we always see violence everywhere. Ranging from physical violence to psychological violence. No wonder we have witnessed with my own eyes, a mugger to death at the hands of the masses, or a direct employee laid off because of wrong doing work procedures. Therefore, people in dire need of a constructive teacher, teachers who are able to build students’ character, and teachers who can light the fire of every soul young protege, to become a civilized generation and love each other.
Teacher Constructive
Teachers are constructive, is a teacher who has a goal to be able to make changes from within the students, rather than from outside. Teacher is the source of creativity for his students in creating a conducive learning environment. With this understanding, we may be able to, little by little make a bigger change. Resurrection of education, from schools to the state level can be prepared from now on.
To be a teacher in a constructive, required adequate understanding of spirituality. A teacher who has a spirituality, not only those who obey certain religion, but those who understand that the purpose of religion is to discover who he is, and what role it plays in this universe, because he understands that life will someday end up where.
A spiritual teacher who has enough, like a fire that could be a source of light and can burn the spirit of the students. Teachers are provocateurs in every child-students. Therefore, a teacher must constantly purify itself from the thoughts and actions deviated from the norms and values of religion. So pure positive energy is always radiated from him to her students. Because of the negative thoughts of a teacher, easy to resonate and are able to influence their students to absorb the lessons and influence the learning conditions in the classroom. Since the first interaction felt by the students is the potential energy when the teacher entered the classroom. Even before a teacher enters the classroom, teacher’s thoughts were in the classroom. Because the human mind is capable of vibration energy that resonates with other thoughts.
We have teachers in school, actually still very high kemelekatannya with family economic issues. Minds of the teachers are still noisy and busy to solve the economic problems and their own careers. They have not come out of such attachment. Therefore, a constructive teacher, when a teacher is able to recognize him as the soul of the whole universe and as part of a great spiritual entity. He will realize that the role of a teacher is not to make ends meet, but to meet the mental needs of children students.
As the fire burns the spirit of his students, a teacher will be able to create change and transformation in society. Thus a Gurupun, first, must be able to transform himself. How could he dream of transforming a generation, while he himself can not be transformed?. That’s why a teacher should always have the spirit to motivate his students. He must be a coach who once directed the fire within her students a constructive direction. For this reason, a teacher who lacks good morality, will have an impact that is not good also to the students. Because according to William Butler Yeats, “Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire”.
Power of Mind Resonance
A teacher is the source of vibration energy to her students, so that the students will become more energetic. Inner eye of a teacher is well trained, will be able to touch the souls of all students in the classroom. The impact is the atmosphere and orderly condition and class-muird will muird porous materials delivered lessons, regardless of the number of students in the class. Through constructive teacher, we no longer know the ratio between students and teachers, there is a positive energy level of both teachers physically and mentally in the classroom.
When I became a student SMTP few tens of years ago, I felt the lessons that are considered difficult at that time, becomes easy and very simple when handled by a teacher who vibration energy is able to enter into the souls of his students. Another case with teachers who think the students like a bucket to be filled, he even considered his students as a blank paper which can be filled arbitrarily writing teacher. Teachers like this will not be able to light a fire in the soul of his protege, but it will turn it off.
Teachers are constructive, is a spiritual teacher who has enough. Many teachers who have knowledge of high religion, but spirituality is very low. In this paper, I will not discuss too much about spirituality, but the application of the people who have enough spirituality, as a means to describe the role of teachers towards their students.
In the context of spirituality, when a teacher speaks something, then all the students caught in a chemistry teacher who spread in the classroom. And when a teacher becomes fun, spiritual, dynamic, and subject matter other than easily absorbed by the students, all the problems in the classroom also can be completed within a very short time, because the main center of a powerful spirit energy in the classroom lies within a teacher. If the mind of a teacher of peace, not noisy with other thoughts, then the students will be comfortable and enjoyable lesson in accepting the material. Changes in the soul of the teacher is the foundation of all creativity and able mendinamisir students learning systems in the classroom.
Understanding children students in an effort to find out how to light a fire in every student, can only dilkukan, when a teacher can understand himself. If a teacher was busy with so many misunderstandings in him, in his family, and in choosing a profession so how could he spread the understanding into the hearts and minds of young students?. A teacher must understand the needs and problems of students. This is not the only task Teacher BK (Guidance & Counseling) only, but all the teachers at the school. He must be able to explore the soul of each student, to understand the personality formed by his family, and other trends are visible from the behavior of children students. Thus, a teacher will be able to motivate the students well.
Teacher is an example and role model in front of her students. If a teacher character itself has a temper, no patience, then the energy of a temper and is impatient children meresonansi students and forming character protege children, be at least equal or even more, as the candidates of a bad-tempered and impatient. In the language of quantum physics, energy wavelengths students in the classroom, is directly proportional to the wavelength of energy teacher. And vibration will resonate with the same magnitude.
We will not be able to calm the situation and instill love for the class of students to particular subjects, if our minds as a teacher was still noisy with other thoughts, let alone we do not love the profession and the subjects we teach our students. Even worse, if we become a teacher just to meet the economic needs of all the aliases for a living. As a result, students will trade with the teacher at school, not to learn.


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