Tegal The Spirit of Wiraswasta

Who does not know tegal. Although a small town but many produce a work. Some people tegal have entrepreneurial spirit. Tegal in the spirit of self-employed people expressed by Prof. Dr. Suparman that the word “TEGAL” contains certain mystery.

Letter T is the initial letter of the word tatag or teteg which means confidence. They never felt low after her appearance. Even in the visible speech does not use soft language in daily life – today. Tatag words can Munkin
Bhima said the figures disposition perwayangan can not use or upload kromo ungguh like gentleman.

The E stands for eling. Remember in Bahasa Indonesian or the Conscious. That they have a high awareness of behavior, positions and functions appropriate action. That character entrepreneur.

Next G is the third letter that is nimble. tegal people tend to perceive agile environment. Goods – goods that are considered junk that is useless for others will be viewed items business potential. This can be seen by the number of trading along the road-Slawi Tegal. This junk is processed to become consumer goods.

Letter A stands for pious, which means obedience to run Religion. There is an association that is identical to the life of Tegal students, so some oarang would feel awkward if someone Tegal has a name that is not arab. Size tegal successful people in general when it’s hajj and have a house or vehicle. Education for some people tegal is not a measure of success. Do not they hire a scholar, even though they themselves may not finish junior high school.

The most recent letter stands for the point. which means people usually appear tegal what it is, without much formality, commonly called thokthelan. They do not usually strings attached impressed even coarse, primitive and naive. As a sign of their keakrapan often spoken fellow with a oath that menyebit animal names. Ki Enthus example, is hospitality prototype of Tegal, which on the face of wildly impressed.

Characteristic of life seen along the city wiraswata districts of Tegal. Almost none of the closed house. Almost all open up as wiraswatawan. They sell a variety of furniture, opened the workshop and show room as handicrafts kitchen tools, commonly called “sweetheart”. This area Called Pesayangan zone. There is another iron foundry craftsmen, batik and weaving. Even the other features can be seen in many cities by opening Warteg.

adapted from the book “Spirit of The People Tegal”


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