Tegal Culture Defends The Need

Technological advances should be able to introduce the culture of each region to everyone,
but many are leaving reality. In fact we can see many foreigners it is now more familiar with our culture.
I raise my thumb on what is now still fighting for their culture. Similarly, the current town of Tegal, art and culture has now is often displayed.

Arts and culture in Tegal including Wayang Kulit, Music Dry Field, Balo – Tegal balo and Literature.
Wayang kulit is Javanese culture in which there mengadung story values – noble values and character. Shadow puppets made of leather, like a puppet bentunya people and played by a puppeteer, gamelan percussion accompanied by a poem – the words are sometimes full of meaning. Once upon a time puppets used as a means of teaching by the trustees in spreading the Islamic religion.

One of the famous puppeteer in Tegal is Entus Ki Susmono the typical presentation has mengkalaborasikan with dangdut music and the dialect of Tegal.
Dry Field Music is music that uses poetry tegal dialect, the music using traditional instruments, with the rhythm typical of coastal and now is the famous music group KMSWT (Music Groups Literature Warung Tegal).
Balo – Balo is a typical song of Tegal, the most played during the parade. Not less well with the literature of Tegal.


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