The Influence of Student Interest in Learning

Has been described in a previous post that, interest is the desire for something the object of the soul in order to achieve something desired. This illustrates that a person will not achieve the desired inner if the person does not have an interest or desire of the soul to achieve the goals that dicita-citakannya.

In conjunction with learning activities, interests became a driving force to achieve the desired goals, without the interest, learning objectives will not be achieved.
To find out more clearly the influence of student interest in learning, first author of the experts express their opinions about the learning itself
In general, learning can be defined as the process of behavior change due to the interaction of individual environmental

Abu Ahmadi his opinion as follows: Students learn with all the strength and soul, not only with the mind alone, after the teacher presents the material with all sorts of efforts and the efforts it is now the duty of children to manage teaching materials, remember and apply at the time he was thinking in the entire life

Slameto argued that: Learning is a process attempts were made to obtain an individual’s behavior changes, the new overall as a result of the individual’s own experience in interacting with their environment.
Of the several definitions in the authors concluded that learning is a change in behavior that occur as a result of individual experience in interacting with the environment can also be said that the study is that activities involving the entire body, including physical and psychological. These activities, carried out actively and intentionally in order to acquire knowledge and new experiences.

To achieve the intended learning objectives of the drivers were treated or interest in every student learn. Thus, the interest in students who learn, they can concentrate on the subjects studied. If student interest can be generated, then all the attention can be focused on areas she’d learned, things can become quiet class. Because students do not have the opportunity to do things that violate the class order. Thus the teaching-learning process is able to run well and students can achieve learning objectives as expected.

From the description above, the author understands that the interest is one of the factors that influence success in learning. Therefore, if if students do not have the interest or lack of attention to a lesson, the teacher as much as possible the interest of the students pursue a variety of ways or methods. Because the result of students who have no interest in learning, they can not achieve maximum learning results.


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