Improving student learning motivation

The role of teachers in the learning activities that are not less important is to generate self-motivation in students so that participants become more active learning. So how do I increase the motivation to study effectively?

There are two types of motivation, namely intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. The first motivation, is the motivation or drive and passion that comes from the learners themselves, for example, wants a practical benefit from the lessons, to get recognition from friends, especially from teachers, to get good grades as evidence of “can do”. The second motivation refers to external factors that helped encourage the emergence of desire to learn, such as building a social environment in the group, the physical environment that provides a comfortable atmosphere, pressure, competition, including adequate learning facilities and intriguing.
It could be a reaction in which the teacher asks, “Why should I bother with questions of motivation?” The answer is simple. There are three basic reasons of the importance of motivation.
a. Character and human nature that need encouragement, pressure, and stimulation from their neighbors. “Iron sharpens iron, man sharpens another”
b. As the process and the efforts they are, the nature of learning itself acts are needed “injections” or encouragement. We know that the urge can occur through a challenge or penalties, and through praise and appreciation. “We are strong ought to bear the weaknesses of people who are not strong and we do not seek our own pleasure. Every one of us should please his neighbor looking for his good to build it”
c. There is no single measure of teaching methods that can best be used in every occasion and type of learning activities. So, if there are students less enthusiastic in lessons, teachers must realize that perhaps the method or approach chosen less relevant, and he must try to find alternative methods.
The main strategy in generating motivation to learn is essentially lies in the teacher or teachers themselves. According McKeachie (1986), the ability to make himself a model teacher who can arouse curiosity and ability in students is the main asset in motivating.
Therefore, a teacher should develop some kind of following qualities in order to play an active role as a motivator.
1. Improve ability to display mastery of the material or knowledge. For that, he had a lot to learn and keep learning through various media and sources associated with the field. A teacher who experts in the field does not mean free from mistakes, shortcomings, or mistakes. Absolutely not. However, not until the frequency is very prominent in kekhilafannya interaction with student participants. Do not often heard the answer, “Sorry I do not know!” when dealing with questions raised by students. This will undermine their confidence in the teacher.
2. Attitude shows a deep understanding of the feelings and experiences of learners, especially those related to weaknesses or deficiencies in the attitudes and academic ability. Such an attitude does not mean that the teacher shortage or deviations approved attitudes and behavior of learners indicated. However, with the attitude of empathy, the teacher expects a change in the “second chance” that still he gave to students.
3. Showing the spirit of love digelutinya field of study. The teachers ‘reserves’ which teaches the quality of “less control” teaching materials tend to weaken the spirit of student learning participants.
4. Provide an explanation of the things that were “vague” or less clear, with the language and attitudes that can be understood. The task involves a good description of the subject matter and learning strategies to obtain good numbers.


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