Why Should Students be Increased Interest in Learning?

Before the discussion about why students should be increased interest in learning, will first be explained about the notion of interest. Consider the following understanding:

Interest by a large Indonesian dictionary is a high tendency of the heart of a passionate desire. Meanwhile, according to Crow and Crow, interest or interest can be associated with motility that we tend to push or feel attracted to people, objects and events. According to psychologists, learning is a process of change, ie changes in behavior as a result of interaction with the environment to meet the needs of life.
Interest in studying the psychological aspects of a person who appeared in several symptoms, such as: passion, desire, feelings of love to make the process of behavior change through activities that include seeking of knowledge and experience, in other words, interest in learning is attention, liking, interested person (students) to learn that shown by active participation in learning.
The following will be presented several opinions about the notion of interest by the experts as follows:

Cony Semiawan says that:
The definition of interest (interest), is a mental state that produces a response directed to something, a particular situation or object that fun and satisfying to him (statisfiers). Similarly, interest can be a cause of which is a readiness to do when there is stimulation in accordance with these conditions.

Slameto argued that:
Interest is a preferred taste and sense of attachment to a thing or activity, without being told. Interest revenue is essentially a relationship between ourselves and something outside ourselves. The stronger or closer the relationship, the greater the interest.

Interest in student learning is influenced by several factors, among others: the internal and external factors. The internal factor is the factor that comes from the learners themselves, for example: the condition of tired bodies, tired, sick and so forth. While external factors are factors from outside the learners themselves, for example: classroom full of conditions:boring of learning strategies, lack of learning resources such as books about the package, do not have the BLM and others.


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